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JUNE 14, 2024

Bright Sunny SouthLaney and Bishop
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"Bright Sunny South” is available for DJ’s to download at or DJ’s can email for downloads, information, promotional requests, or to arrange an interview. The song will be available on all major streaming platforms starting June 14, 2024.

Laney and Bishop

to Release Debut Single
"Bright Sunny South”


Bright Sunny South

By FM Prince & A. Scherzer

UPC: 899090838903

ISRC: USACX2400153

Laney and Bishop are set to release their debut single under the Sound Biscuit label, "Bright Sunny South," on June 14, 2024. This poignant and evocative recording showcases the exceptional talents of Danielle Bishop on vocals and fiddle, Colby Laney on guitar, Aaron Ramsey on mandolin, Corey Walker on banjo, and Jeff Partin on resaphonic guitar and bass.

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