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One of the best Bluegrass Gospel albums EVER is now available on vinyl!

This is the perfect addition for any vinyl collection.


"God's Love is so Divine" by The Po' Ramblin' Boys.


Lead Vocal: C.J. Lewandowski

Guitar: Josh Rinkel

Mandolin: C.J. Lewandowski

Banjo: Jereme Brown

Fiddle: Laura Orshaw

Bass: Jasper Lorentzen


Recorded at Sound Biscuit

Mastered by Paul Blakemore


Song Title(s)*: 

1. “I’ll Be a Friend to Jesus”

songwriter: Wade E. Mainer

Publisher: Jaymore Music Publishing Pub.CO


2. “I Am Weary, Let Me Rest”

songwriters: Pete Roberts/Peter V. Kuykendall

Publisher: Wynwood Music Company Inc.


3. “Over in the Gloryland”

songwriters: William York/Charles B. Jr. Moore

Publishers: Trio Music Company Inc/Fort Knox Music Inc.




4. “The Way is Narrow”

songwriter: Donald Ray Brown/Norman Ford



5. “The Voice of My Savior”

Songwriters: Raymond Long/Jimmy Martin

Publisher: Hill and Range Songs


6. “I Like to Hear ‘Em Preach It”

Songwriters: Jimmy Martin/Paul Williams

Publisher: Universal Cedarwood Publishing


7. “Angel Band”

songwriters: William York/Carl Story

Publishers: Fort Knox Music Inc./Trio Music Company Inc.


8. “Let’s All Go Down to the River”

Songwriters: E. Montgomery/ S. Richards

Publisher: Songs of Universals Inc


9. “Just as the Sun Went Down”

Songwriter: Molly O’Day

Publisher: Jaymore Music Publishing Pub. CO.


10. “Jesus is the One”

Songwriter: Timothy Lorentzen

Publisher: Sound Biscuit Publishing


11. “When the Savior Reached Down for Me”

Songwriter: G.White

Publisher: G. White




12. “God’s Love is so Divine”

Songwriter: Donald Ray Brown

Publisher: none


13. “For Me, It’s Hello”

songriter: Frank Dallas Ray

Publisher: Nickletown Music

God's Love Is So Divine - Vinyl

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