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Sound Biscuit Productions is proud to announce the official World Wide release date of “Irish Eyes." This album is Tuatha Dea’s most ambitious effort to date and reflects the diversity in style and the emotional energy Tuatha Dea brings to their live stage performances. There has been a lot of creative energy dedicated to this musical journey and we are excited to let it out of its cage. “Irish Eyes” was recorded and produced by Grammy nominated Sound Biscuit Studios and mastered by Grammy award winner Paul Blakemore.

Danny Mullikin: Acoustic & electric guitar and vocals

Rebecca Mullikin: Vocals

Katherine Holman: Vocals

Chris Bush: Penny whistle, bagpipes

Jeremiah Waldo: Bass

Brett Maney: Drums


Album Guests:

Sarah Faith Copeland: Acoustic guitar

Adam Ogle: Acoustic & electric guitar, keyboard

Laura Smith: Fiddle Chantal Haskell: Violin

Tesea Mullikin: Bass

Paul McGee: Drums

Dre Hilton: Piano, keyboard

Irish Eyes

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