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Tuatha Dea


Single/Video release "Open Letter to You" from upcoming Tuatha Dea release on the Sound Biscuit label.

The family of Tuatha Dea and in particular myself and my wife Rebecca are very excited to be sharing the beautifully remixed and remastered version and Video of "Open Letter to You" on November 20th. We are so grateful to Dave Maggard and Sound Biscuit for taking the interest, supporting and producing this incredible version of a song which is so personally and emotionally charged and important to us. We are proud to be associated with the Sound Biscuit label and grateful for the friendship and connection.


"Open Letter to You" goes out to the ambiguous "You", whomever that may be to an individual. Inspired by my mother's passing, but limited to no one, It is intended to denote the words we meant to speak but never quite found time to say to those who have passed beyond this world. A cathartic message of love intended to celebrate and commemorate our loved ones and find healing and closure for ourselves in it's sending.  


We are so pleased to share it now, in hopes others will find solace in it's intentions as well and are grateful for the support of our producers and everyone involved in making it happen and helping us mail it to the world. We'd like to add a very special thank you to Mr.Jesse Jones for creating such a visceral and Heartfelt visual experience in this beautiful video. Love and Gratitude to all.”

~Danny and Rebecca Mulliken


“ I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Tuatha Dea and to be included on this project. As a producer I had a vision of mixing the song behind the visual. It’s a challenge to blend lyrics, music and video to transparently create an emotional message. “Open Letter to You” is a testimonial to that success. “


~ Dave Maggard

Video and digital single release November 20th.


Although Tuatha Dea is known as an Americana/Rock/Celtic local favorite in East Tennessee they aren’t about “sitting still in one spot”. Traveling the show circuit extensively the last 5 years doing festivals and music venues has given them the reputation as a high energy, in your face, get you on your feet band of talent. Sound Biscuit is proud to have them on our label and we have all been working diligently putting together a treasure of original music from songwriter Danny Mulliken for an early Spring release. 


“Open Letter to You” was unknowingly written on the 10th anniversary of Danny’s Mother’s passing. This year Danny researched and located 8mm film footage that gave way to the idea of putting the song to video in memory of his Mom. Although the song had already been including on a Tuatha Dea album, there was a vision of remix and remastering of the song to bring new life into this dedication in video. 


On November 17th, (the anniversary of Danny's mother's birthday) Tuatha Dea and Sound Biscuit Productions will be going LIVE at 7PM EST. There will be an opportunity to pop into the Sound Biscuit studio with Tuatha Dea and check out the visceral reactions to this beautiful masterpiece by videographer Jesse Jones as we allow it's viewing for the very first time to a chosen group of fans and people that were involved in putting this project together. 

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