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Another TrainKenny Stinson and Perfect Tym'n
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"Another Train" by Kenny Stinson & Perfect Tym'n featuring Daniel Norton, arrives on all major streaming platforms February 2, 2024. For more information and DJ downloads please visit or send an inquiry to

Kenny Stinson & Perfect Tymm’n, Featuring Daniel Norton, Release New Bluegrass Single "Another Train" on Sound Biscuit Record Label

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Another Train

Written by Daniel Norton

Sound Biscuit Publishing

ISRC   USACX2300629

UPC     659467557895

The recording includes Daniel Norton on lead vocals, guitar, and resophonic guitar. Kenny Stinson on baritone vocals and mandolin, Ronda Stinson on harmony vocals, Kyle Dodson on banjo, and Gavin Stinson on bass. “Another Train” was produced by Dave Maggard, with engineering and art design by Shane Reman. Recording, mixing and mastering by Sound Biscuit Productions.

Songwriter Daniel Norton shares “Bluegrass has a history of pain and troublesome times being referred to as rain, and trains have always been the getaway for the ramblers heart. The restless rambler never settles down. He throws all his money down and travels when the opportunity to escape comes along, but this rambler had remorse over his last love, even shed a tear, but he figures she's already moved on. He'd rather be traveling than dealing with the troubles and worries of trying to keep a woman anyhow.”

Kenny Stinson & Perfect Tym'n, known for their high-energy performances, have carved a unique niche in the Bluegrass genre. Drawing inspiration from Kenny Stinson's diverse musical background, including stints with legendary acts like Jimmy Martin's Sunny Mountain Boys, Gary Waldrep and David Davis. The band brings a blend of tradition and innovation to their music and live shows.

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